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Rose Writes
Rose Writes 9 May 2018 14:31
I only learned about these clusters of rare ocular melanoma cases recently. I live in Canada. And, I wrote to Dr. Brennan four times. He only responded twice. (I worked in ophthalmology for about seven years).
Based on his responses, I decided to "go public" with my concerns, study links, PSAs and numerous other researchers' findings which you can review on my petition:

The gist: we can test for Wolbachia now or wait another three years.

All I'm asking for is the following tests on tissue samples (already taken) and on surviving patients:
1) A broad range PCR screen for infection by Rickettsiales (Wolbachia genes in blood). Supporting study evidence:
2) ZIKV tests with TWO of these: the Lanciotti E-, the Pyke E- and NS1-, the Bonn E- and the Bonn NS1-based assays. They are the most reliable. Other assays are up to 80 percent wrong. Supporting study evidence:

Zika is (I believe) the phage that works in tandem with Wolbachia to infect vertebrates. But other viruses could too.
I would leave no stone unturned. My latest PSA explains:
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