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Mushtaq Dean
Mushtaq Dean 11 October 2017 01:46
Trump climbs towards second term

The media has broken the news announcing that Donald Trump is contemplating to get the second term.

Whether the news is a reality or simply a rumor no one should raise their eye brows, make hue and cry nor the political circles should create a stampede because Trump is not contravening nor there is happening something abnormal, unique, untoward or repugnant.

Many former presidents have secured second term and now Trump is doing the same.

Donald Trump, despite being equipped with capabilities, has not worked freely using his talents. In his current term, most of the time he has spent facing the scrimmage created by the media calling him mentally-wrecked, unpopular, president not worth presidential position. Other times he spent solving the fuss that his opponents produced over various issues such as immigration and Mexico border wall though his efforts to resolve the issues were in the national interest.

Being clamped in the tight situation, Trump showed remarkable performance dealing with North Korea, settling accounts with his opponents including Russia, creating new jobs, imposing stern conditions on unwanted immigrants and has the construction of Mexico wall started.

His supporters, well wishers and white voters will certainly love seeing him settled in this position for the next term. He himself will not want second term to fall around him as a windfall leaving it to the people to reward him for his services, achievements and for his fervor to do more in the next term.
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